Which breast implants to choose: size, shape, advice

Which breast implants to choose: size, shape, advice

In breast augmentation or breast reconstruction, the choice of breast implants is of paramount importance. You will need to adopt the form, envelope and content that will achieve the result that best fits your ideal chest idea.

So no, we won’t tell you everything because the subject is far too broad. And this guide does not aim to tell you what will suit you best: it is your surgeon and he alone who can bring you this personalized advice. On the other hand, with this article you will be able to better understand its explanations, to make a first opinion on the possible prostheses or to decide with full knowledge of the cause.

Which shape to adopt: round or anatomical implant?

No surprise, the shape of the breast prosthesis will greatly contribute to the visual appearance of your new chest. The surgeon will normally offer you two options, round or anatomical, each with its characteristics: more rounded and pronounced necklines for the first, more discreet and natural for the second. After this introduction you may already have an idea of your choice… No hasty conclusion because the latest generation round implants now allow to get closer to the anatomical shape by opting for a moderate projection. It is therefore a set of factors that will determine the most suitable form of prosthesis for your morphology.


The round implant

A round implant brings more volume than a natural breast on the upper part of the chest (since the height is equal to its width) with a result more curved than the average, which is often called an apple shape. The main advantage lies in pronounced necklines, sometimes to the detriment of the natural. It is nevertheless possible to adjust the projection of the breast, that is to say its volume in depth or more concretely what will give the cap, to get closer to a neckline in gentle slope while accentuating the curve of the breast on its lower part.

We thus obtain with a moderate or low projection a compromise between volume on the top of the chest and the bottom, while a strong projection will give a very pigeonnant appearance with a striking cleavage, but a result rather artificial bare breasts. In other words, the round shape accentuates the neckline but, bare breasts, the result seems less and less realistic as you increase the projection and filling.


Be careful, the round shape is perfect for some people and it is really the starting anatomy of the chest and other factors that will determine which shape is most suitable. A round shape adapted to the morphology and with a successful projection gives very good results, usually on already formed breasts, so it is case by case.



In this photo we get closer to the result obtained with implants of round shape and strong projection. The chest seems slightly raised with more volume on the upper part. An effect that can be mitigated with moderate or low projection.

The anatomical implant

Conversely, an anatomical implant gives more volume in the lower breast, to give a pear-like appearance or drop of water. This brings us closer to the natural shape of the chest: the volume is concentrated in the lower part of the prosthesis while the top is more tapered. The neckline is therefore less pronounced but as we can act on three levels it is possible to find interesting compromises.  Just like for round prostheses, the projection will allow to adjust the cap, but this time the surgeon can also act on the height and width of the implant. It is the mix between these three values that will give the desired final appearance. The higher the implant, the softer the slope of the breast, whereas the lower the implant, the more rounded the appearance.



With this anatomical model, the curve of the breast is in all cases positioned on the lower part of the chest. They are often recommended for thin women or women with little breast formation. Disadvantages: there is more risk of rotation and the scar is a little wider (although generally not visible since located in the fold of the breast). But the choice of the envelope significantly reduces this risk as we will see in a minute. They are also slightly more expensive than round breast implants.



Here we get closer to the expected result with anatomical prostheses. The volume is concentrated on the lower part of the chest with a neckline in a gentle slope less pronounced than with a round implant.

In conclusion there is really no form better than the other. Rather, it is considered that this or that shape will achieve such and such a result, but that it is according to the anatomy of the patient, the current shape of her breasts and the desired volume that the round or anatomical shape will be more suitable. The majority of implants used in France are now anatomically shaped, especially because they correspond more to the wishes of patients today.

What content to choose for your breast implants?

Two types of contents are used even if in practice the vast majority of breast surgeons recommend silicone gel today. Authorized since 2001, it now represents the vast majority of breast augmentation in France.

» The silicone gel gives the touch a rather natural appearance and close to an unaltered chest. These implants are often composed of several successive layers for optimum results. The soft silicone gel allows the chest to spread slightly downward when you are standing, and horizontally when you are lying down. If a rupture occurs, the silicone gel, called cohesive, remains compact and does not drain into the body with the latest generation prostheses. On the other hand, it requires regular medical follow-up (about every 5 years) since only the radios will verify that there is no rupture or leakage of silicone: a monitoring is therefore necessary to ensure that the prosthesis is still intact. Other advantages: the risks of folds are lower and their lifespan is at least 10 years (or more: the last generations would be more resistant but the necessary setback to the average lifespan is not enough, so they are essentially forecasts).

» The physiological serum is a liquid made of water and sodium chloride (salt water) and is inserted into the empty breast implant using a small hermetic valve. Frequently used in the 1990s, however, it has many defects: an unnatural touch due to the liquid used and the risk of leakage over time due to wear. In this case, the fluid simply spreads into the body, without risk to the health of the person, but with obvious consequences due to the “deflation” of the prosthesis. This is why they are almost no longer used today, especially since their lifespan is shorter than silicone gel (7-8 years).


Except for exceptions, silicone gel is the best option today, and it is the one that will likely be offered to you automatically.

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