What is the purpose of wearing a post-operative bra?

A post-operative bra offers several benefits for breast surgery recovery, such as breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction. While wearing it may seem uncomfortable at first, it provides numerous benefits for the healing and long-term health of the breasts.

1. Reduces discomfort and pain

After breast surgery, the breasts may be swollen and painful. A post-operative bra is designed to offer firm and comfortable support to help reduce discomfort and pain. It often has wide straps to avoid compressing the shoulders, and front closures to avoid stretching the arms overhead.

2. Promotes healing

The post-operative bra helps keep breast implants or breast tissue in place during the healing period. This helps reduce movements and friction that can delay tissue healing. Post-operative bras are often designed with soft seams and breathable fabrics to avoid irritation.

3. Reduces the risk of complications

Wearing a post-operative bra can help reduce the risk of complications after breast surgery. By keeping the breasts in place, it can reduce the risk of blood clots, hematomas, or other complications that can occur when the breasts are in motion.

4. Improves posture

Post-operative bras are designed to offer firm support for the chest, which can help improve posture. By keeping the breasts in place, the bra can relieve pressure on the back and shoulders, which can reduce pain and improve posture.

5. Increases self-confidence

Wearing a post-operative bra can help women feel more comfortable and confident during the healing period. By offering firm and comfortable support, it can reduce concerns about breast appearance and help women feel more confident in their bodies.

In summary, a post-operative bra provides several benefits for women after breast surgery. It can reduce discomfort and pain, promote healing, reduce the risk of complications, improve posture, and increase self-confidence. It’s important to follow the surgeon’s instructions on wearing a post-operative bra to ensure quick and effective healing.

How to choose your lingerie according to your morphology?

Choosing your lingerie according to your morphology is the best way to highlight your assets and hide small imperfections. What determines your morphology? Stand in front of a mirror and look at your shoulders, hips, and waist.


Highlight your chest to rebalance your figure.


Your shoulders are discreet, your waist thin and your hips generous. With its delicate curves, this A-line silhouette is particularly feminine and very common among women. It is here with your lingerie to highlight your chest to rebalance your silhouette.

Push-up bras are great for you to flatter your bust size. You can also play with materials. The lace and pretty embroidery will reinforce the dressing of your upper body. The bandeau shape is also particularly suitable because it creates a straight line under the chest and thus highlights it.

We advise you for the lower body to choose indented cuts. The tanga and the thong are your best allies. They will bring out your feminine curves.

Accentuate your curves by emphasizing your hips.


Your hips are slimmer than your shoulders. They sculpt your main asset: a slimmer waist. For this sporty silhouette, the main objective is to emphasize the feminine curves and accentuate the hips.

Embody Lingerie recommends a triangle bra for the upper body. This shape will accentuate your neckline and will be a real seductive ally.

For the bottoms, we recommend the shorty. It widens your hips and creating a horizontal line.

Mark your size well and dare to wear bodysuits and other pieces of lingerie.

Your shoulders are as wide as your hips and your waist is not very pronounced. Thus, you highlight a balanced silhouette. In this case, your lingerie will aim in this case to mark your size well.

Underwear like bodysuits are perfect for you. You can also use and abuse corsets for guaranteed glamorous results. For a more everyday top, we recommend triangle or half cup bras.

Quant au bas, misez tous les tailles hautes : la silhouette Pin-Up est à vous !

Highlight your ultra-feminine assets and erase your small flaws.

Your shoulders, your waist and your hips are all in generous curves. Your silhouette gives an impression of softness and sensuality. The usefulness of your underwear is to accentuate your ultra-feminine curves and smooth out your small imperfections.

With a more generous chest, you can bet on a covering bra that will flatter your chest and ensure perfect support. Embody Lingerie recommends that you avoid spaghetti straps or push-up bras as they can cause discomfort.

For the bottom, choose high-waisted panties and sheath effects. They will hide your belly while sculpting your buttocks.

Choose according to your mood.

Your shoulders and hips are aligned and your waist is defined. For many, you are very lucky! We confirm it to you, because everything is done for you! You can afford anything, so make the most of it.

With bras in all shapes to flatter you, no bottom can be avoided. You are therefore in the best position to try new things. Choose from triangle, basque, full cup, underwire or push-up bras. Among the thongs, shorties and high-waisted panties, let your imagination run wild and choose according to your mood.

It is very important to choose your lingerie according to your morphology, because it is the starting point of your style. If you stick to our tips above, you’ll accentuate your assets and your clothes will fit perfectly. By feeling beautiful and fit, your day will be more pleasant.

Do not hesitate to visit our website, you will benefit from a wide choice of lingerie. 

How to enlarge your breasts without prostheses ?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in France. There are two types of plastic surgery to increase the volume of the breasts :¬†augmentation with breast implants¬†or lipofilling. Lipofilling makes it possible to obtain larger breasts with a natural and lasting effect, without implanting a foreign body. The operation consists of injecting fat taken from a part of the patient’s body and reinjecting it into the breast.



Why choose breast augmentation without implants ?

– When you want to gain moderate volume, between one and two cups
– If you prefer not to have foreign bodies
– To correct an asymmetry or a breast malformation
– To correct certain defects after a breast implant



The different stages of the operation

Breast lipofilling is performed under general anaesthesia in the operating theatre and lasts between 1h30 and 2 hours. This procedure is performed either on an outpatient basis, with an entry in the morning and an exit in the evening, or with a 24-hour hospital stay.

The first stage of this surgery consists of liposuction to remove the fat. This is then treated and purified in order to reinject it into the breast. On average, this technique makes it possible to reinject between 200 and 250g of fat cells per breast. An incision of only 2mm is necessary to reinject this fatty tissue. The sutures made for breast lipofilling are millimetric and hardly visible after healing. The result is definitive after a period of 3 to 6 months. The result obtained is very natural.



The advantages of breast lipofilling

The result of a breast augmentation by lipofilling is very natural and permanent. However, as the volume of the breasts evolves at the same rate as the rest of the woman’s body, it can change in the event of significant weight variations. Another advantage over implants is that there is no risk of rejection since the fat injected comes from the patient herself. In addition, there are no contraindications to breastfeeding after the procedure.



What is the price of a breast augmentation by fat injection ?

The price of an augmentation by lipofilling depends on the quantity of fat aspirated, the areas treated, the quantity of fat injected… Generally speaking, a breast augmentation is purely aesthetic, so the procedure is not covered, except when it is a reconstructive surgery. We therefore advise you to ask your surgeon for information.



The importance of wearing a support bra after the operation

After the operation, slight swelling and bruising may occur. In order to limit these and to ensure good healing, the wearing of a support bra is recommended for 2 to 4 weeks, day and night.

The Paris Embody bra is specifically designed for women who have had breast lipofilling. The moulded, seamless cups fit the breasts perfectly without compression or aggression, allowing the fat to take its place. A small reinforcement band under the breast supports the volume of the breast in order to maintain the distribution of the injected fat and prevent it from sinking. This support bra allows you to live your post-operative period in a more pleasant way, by combining comfort and femininity thanks to its lace which is delicately placed all along the neckline.

Detecting breast cancer: the guide to breast palpation!

Every October, a campaign against breast cancer is organized by the association Ruban Rose to raise awareness and support medical and scientific research.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer results from a disorder of certain cells that reproduce uncontrolled and generally constitute a tumor mass (tumor), affecting the tissues of the breast or the mammary gland. There are different types that evolve in different ways.

Cancer cells can remain in the breast but can also spread to other organs. That is why it is important to be vigilant when changes occur. In most cases, the spread of breast cancer can take months, if not years. But knowing what it is, getting to know your body and its possible changes can lead to early detection of breast cancer and better medical management: less aggressive and less intrusive treatment, thus better tolerated by patients. 


In a few figures, breast cancer represents:

  • The leading cause of cancer death in women,
  • 2.2 million cases worldwide in 2020, making it the most common cancer,
  • 58,549 new cases in France in 2018, including 12,146 deaths,
  • Loan of 1 woman out of 12 is affected,
  • 1 third of all new cases of cancer in women.


What is breast palpation?

In order to anticipate the onset of this cancer, doctors strongly encourage women (and men) to palpate themselves at home (themselves) regularly.

Indeed, breast palpation will help to prevent and detect the presence of certain abnormal changes in the chest: hollow in the breast, size, change in size or shape of the nipple, change in the color of the areolas, nipple retraction, nipple discharge, skin rash or texture change, appearance of redness, appearance of new veins or any other discomfort or pain in the breast… When these anomalies are brought to the attention of the doctor, they are then examined and confirmed, or not, through the performance of other additional tests (blood tests, ultrasound, MRI, mammography, etc.).

The guide to self-palpation

Breast palpation is a method that allows to better know her chest and also improves the relationship of women with their bodies. But above all, this self-examination of the breasts makes it easy to see any abnormal changes in the chest, and then tell her doctor.

The CNGOF and the national colleague of gynecologists Obstetricians French recommend to practice this breast palpation exam:

  • 1 time per month (about 1 week after the first day of menstruation), starting at age 20,
  • 1 time per month has a fixed date, for postmenopausal women,
  • In addition to a mammogram every two years, for women aged 50 to 74,
  • In addition to an annual examination in a gynaecologist,


>> Step 1: Examine the armpits

First, consider examining the pit of your armpit (also called an axillary pit). Any abnormal lumps or masses may be under the skin and may alert you. You can make this palpation while standing, sitting, lying, in a bath or shower: soap tends to facilitate palpation by improving the precision of the touch.


>> Step 2: Palpate breasts up and down

Then, palpate your breasts from the nipple to the outside of the breast, in a straight line and repeat this gesture until you have gone around the breast up and down. This method is called the radial method.


>> Step 3: Perform circular movements on the breasts

To do this, use the circular method of massaging the breasts with the three middle fingers of the hand (right hand for the left breast, and left hand for the right breast) in a circular way.


>> Step 4: Squeeze the nipples

Finally examine your nipples. Squeeze them gently and observe if it causes a discharge (fluid or blood). If so, contact your doctor or gynecologist immediately.


Breast self-examination is a prevention method and cannot replace the annual visit to your gynecologist. It is important to monitor her breasts and therefore test regularly.

The secrets to fight against sagging breasts!

From the age of 30 onwards, breasts lose their firmness, change their shape and sometimes tend to sag, due to the law of gravity and the ageing of the skin. However, it is possible to preserve one’s breasts thanks to several valuable tips.

Regardless of the size of their breasts, women are concerned about the positioning of their breasts, their firmness, and many worry at the first signs of sagging.

Two events influence the aesthetics of the breast. Firstly, the law of gravity, breasts begin to fall due to their own weight. Secondly, the ageing of the skin causes the breasts to sag, also known as breast ptosis.

Indeed, the breasts are one of the essential assets of femininity and they are not spared by the age-related changes we face: wrinkles, sagging skin… They gradually lose their firmness, which leads to a gradual fall of the breast.

The process of sagging breasts starts quite early if the right actions are not taken. Although this phenomenon is likely to occur sooner or later, specialists in the field recommend exercises and techniques that delay the fall.


Some good habits to adopt before considering breast surgery:

1/5 – Support your breasts

The first tip is the most important. It is necessary to support your breasts on a daily basis with a¬†suitable bra, whether during the day, at work or when playing sports. It is essential to use¬†the right size lingerie. Don’t hesitate to choose bras that are resistant, made of solid materials and with adjustable straps.

You will find a wide range of suitable bras on our website: embody-lingerie.com


2/5 – Build up your pectoral muscles

Make a habit of building up your pectoral muscles under your chest, as these are the muscles that support your breasts. And for a nice shape, think of toning and strengthening the pectoral. Here are some examples of effective exercises:

– Do a series of push-ups every day,

– Regular backstroke at the pool,

– Practise yoga,

– Take two tennis balls and place them with your arms slightly bent in front of you, at chest height, and press them against each other.


3/5 – Maintain good body posture

Good body posture is very important for your back and breasts. Keep your back straight against the back of your chair when sitting and bend your legs when bending down for example. When walking, keep your shoulders and chest straight and avoid arching your back or having a hunchback.


4/5 – Massage your chest

Massaging your breasts helps to firm them, restore their elasticity and radiance and encourage blood circulation. To do this, use vegetable oil or cold water and make circular movements on your chest.


5/5 – Shower with cold water

Following the same logic as the previous tip, cold water is the best thing for your breasts. In fact, in addition to promoting blood circulation, cold water showers prevent your breasts from sagging. If you like hot showers, finish them off with a jet of cold water.

Generous breasts: how to choose the right lingerie?

Having large breasts is not always an advantage as most women might imagine. Some women often have a complex about their small breasts, but it also happens that women with larger breasts have a complex too! And for good reason, it is sometimes difficult for a woman to find the right underwear that is supportive, comfortable and shows off her cleavage.


So, what lingerie should you choose with a large bust?

When you have a large bust, it is essential to choose the right lingerie. A bra that is well adapted to your figure will allow you to feel comfortable in your clothes, to have a correct fit, and thus to avoid back pain.



Well-chosen lingerie that conforms to the size and shape of the breasts will help to ensure good support and thus balance and reshape the female figure.

For a large bust, you should opt for bras:

  • Underwired:¬†Underwires are an asset for the support of your breasts (but it is not the only solution!). This shape allows your breasts to be well supported without being compressed.



  • Interlocking (without underwiring):¬†The interlocking bra enhances and supports your breasts for a natural and comfortable effect. It envelops your breasts and keeps them high. This shape adapts to all your looks.




  • Basque shape (without underwire):¬†The basque bra offers a very aesthetic fit and great comfort. Without underwires, it gives a second skin impression while giving your d√©colletage an incomparable touch of elegance and enhancement.



  • Triangle shape (without underwire):¬†With the triangle bra, we adopt the comfort and naturalness of the rendering. A perfect complement to a delicate and sensual look, this shape beautifully dresses up all your cleavage for a natural curve.




1. Choose bras with wide straps for comfort.

2. Choose bras with a wide band under the breasts for better support.

3. Choose 2 or more clips in the back to avoid back pain.

4. Choose interlocking shapes that cover your breasts.


Don’t hesitate to visit our website, which offers a wide range of lingerie from B cup to E cup, offering you quality in every detail!

Knowing and measuring your Embody Lingerie bra size

It may sound simple, but for 8 out of 10 women, the bra size they are wearing does not match their measurements. Embody guides you through the measurements that will allow you to choose the right bra size for perfect support and comfort all day long.


It’s all about comfort! A bra adapted to your morphology will avoid the red marks under the breast which mark and damage the skin. For large breasts, it helps prevent back problems by ensuring good support and comfort! It is therefore essential to choose the right¬†bra¬†size!


At Embody, we have put together a size guide for our lingerie so you can find your perfect size. Take a tape measure, remove your clothes (important to ensure you get the right measurements) and stand up straight without bulging your ribcage, which would distort the result.


Step 1: Measure your bust size to know your height



It may sound simple, but for 8 out of 10 women, the bra size they are wearing does not match their measurements. Embody guides you through the measurements that will allow you to choose the right bra size for perfect support and comfort all day long.

It’s all about comfort! A bra adapted to your morphology will avoid the red marks under the breast which mark and damage the skin. For large breasts, it helps prevent back problems by ensuring good support and comfort! It is therefore essential to choose the right bra size!

At Embody, we have put together a size guide for our lingerie so you can find your perfect size. Take a tape measure, remove your clothes (important to ensure you get the right measurements) and stand up straight without bulging your ribcage, which would distort the result.


Step 1: Measure your bust size to find your height


1. Place the tape measure flat under your chest.

2. Make sure the tape measure is at the same height in front of you as it is on your back.

3. Slip a finger between your skin and the tape measure to leave some space.

4. Round the measurement up to the next centimetre.


Step 2: Measure your chest size to find your cup size



1. Place the tape measure flat under your armpits to the point of your breasts.

2. Make sure the tape measure is at the same height in the front and in the back.

3. Round the measurement up to the next centimetre.


Step 3: Transfer your measurements to the chart below to see how they match.



Note that it is recommended to repeat these measurements every year, because your body changes.

Why choose a bra without underwire?

Trends & Fashion

For a long time, fashion dictates that women must wear compression bras. Such as the push-up, the balconnet and the corbeille, for example. But even though they create a beautiful curve and lift the breasts, this type of bra has ended up standardizing and denaturalizing our bodies.

When choosing between an underwired and a non-underwired bra, the decision usually centres on comfort and the desired function of the bra. Although personal preferences vary from style to style, underwire and wire-free bras are designed for different specific functions.

With the increase in popularity of athletic wear and bras over traditional bras, underwireless bras have made a comeback. They are available in all styles and perform just as well as the classic underwired bra.


Why choose a bra without underwire?

Bras without underwiring are the right alternative if :


  • You value comfort above all else in a bra.


  • You are looking for a more “natural” breast shape.


  • You have sensitive skin, are prone to rashes or irritation from underwired bras, or are allergic to the metals used.


  • You have a small bust and prefer a smaller or more discreet bra.


  • You have a large bust and are looking for a bra that is more comfortable, but offers good overall support.


  • You are breastfeeding or in the final stages of pregnancy, as a soft-cup bra will give you more comfort.


  • You are recovering from surgery or a breast injury, as soft cups are more forgiving of movement.


  • You are looking for the closest alternative to “No-bra”.


Absolute comfort

Unsurprisingly, the main reason women give for wearing an underwireless bra is comfort.

No woman wants a bra that digs into her ribs, and one of the best things about a bra without underwire is that it gives that feeling of flexibility and protection.

Underwires can be uncomfortable if the bra doesn’t fit properly (and even if it does) or at certain times of the month when you’re a little fuller than usual.

A bra without underwire will give you that feeling of freedom, looseness and unparalleled comfort.


A health benefit

Bras without underwire facilitate blood circulation and the proper drainage of lymphatic fluids. Tight or underwired bras can impede the circulation of lymphatic fluid.

The soft cups of this type of bra help the breasts to relax, facilitate drainage and help prevent breast lumps and possibly breast cancer.

Reinforcing a natural fit, non-wired bras are discreet, lightweight, and provide great comfort while enhancing shallow cup breasts.


For all women

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, yet underwires are not suitable for all breasts. Indeed, 90% of women have one breast larger than the other and underwires are often not suitable when the size of the breasts is different. Or if your breasts are large, underwired cups may not fit your body at all.

So there is a bra for every body type without underwire! It’s obvious that choosing lingerie can be a real hassle for a woman.

Today, lingerie brands also offer underwired bras dedicated to large cups and no longer only to small cups which may require less support.



It is no longer surprising that the underwired cup is outperforming and even outstripping the irreplaceable underwired lingerie, which is both restrictive and uncomfortable. Femininity is the key word and is further emphasised by thin straps and elegant laces.

For this reason, Embody has placed underwired models at the heart of its Dolce Vita collection, which respect even the most sensitive skin while combining our know-how to offer optimal support.

These non-underwired models include The triangle, the basque, or the covering.

Each of these different shapes offers optimal lateral support while preserving a beautiful décolleté. The wide underbust band and the reinforced side construction provide optimal comfort. In addition, the techniques of the cross neckline or the drop in the bra area give the Embody bra optimum support.

All about the different shapes and sizes of breasts !

We all have different breasts! Their shape and size vary greatly from one woman to another… Fortunately, there are methods to improve their shape and change their size: either to make them bigger or smaller!

The different types of breasts

Each person has a different breast shape and size. It should be noted that the following classifications of breast shapes are purely aesthetic and not based on any medical science. It is up to you to find your own!

РRound РBreasts are uniformly full, both at the top and bottom of the chest

РEast-West РLeft and right breasts are spread out, away from the centre of the chest. The nipples often point in opposite directions.

РSideways РThe shape is similar to the East-West shape, with a wider space between the breasts. The nipples do not necessarily point in opposite directions.

РBell-shaped РThe breasts are round with very smooth lines. The lower parts are slightly wider than the upper parts.

РNarrow РThe breasts are thin and the nipples point downwards. The lower parts of the breasts are larger than the upper parts. The breasts are longer than they are wide.

РAsymmetrical РOne breast is significantly larger than the other.

РPear-shaped РThe breasts are large, full at the bottom and thinner at the top.


Do your breasts change in size over time?

Your genetics determine the shape and size of your breasts. However, they can change due to (or because of!) various events such as pregnancy or breastfeeding, but also intensive sports or large weight fluctuations.

Some women experience significant changes in size at certain times of the menstrual cycle.

Sometimes the shape of the breasts can even be related to sexual excitement.

Certain medications can also cause the breasts to swell. Some people experience this when taking birth control pills.

And if you have asymmetrical breasts, don’t panic! This is normal! Nobody’s body is perfectly symmetrical. So it’s not surprising that left and right breasts can vary in size, shape, volume and location.

In 2006, the British scientific journal Breast Cancer Research published a report stating that only one in 504 women had symmetrical breasts.

Experts at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, USA, found that the left breast is larger than the right in 62% of cases.

In some people, the difference is not striking, while in others, one breast may be a cup size larger than the other.

In general, this is normal, especially in teenagers whose bodies are still developing.

If one breast has suddenly become much larger than the other, it may be wise to consult a health professional to rule out any serious problems.


What happens to the breasts after weight loss?

Many women find that after a strict diet and intensive exercise, not only do their thighs and buttocks not become thinner, but their breasts become noticeably smaller.

The explanation is simple: when the body is in a calorie deficit (i.e. it burns more calories than it takes in), it uses its fat reserves proportionally.

The breasts contain not only glandular tissue, but also connective and fatty tissue, and are therefore affected when the body starts to burn its fat stores.

The ratio between the tissues is genetically determined. In people with a lot of fat, the breasts shrink faster than in people with less fat.

When you work out, strengthening the chest muscles can give the breasts a fuller appearance.

To maintain elasticity and prevent sagging, experts advise not to lose weight too quickly, to eat healthy foods and to include green leafy vegetables and lean protein in your diet.


Can exercise change your breasts?

The breasts contain glandular, connective and fatty tissue. The breast is not a muscular organ.

The shape and size of the breasts are determined by the amount of fat and its distribution, but can also be affected by exercise.

Push-ups and weight training exercises that work the pectoral muscles strengthen the breasts, which can make them rise and appear larger.

Pull-ups, squats and variations of the plank strengthen the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle, improving posture and naturally pushing the breasts forward.

A low-nutrient diet and fat-burning exercises such as running, aerobics and swimming can have the effect of reducing breast size.




  1. Buy a quality bra! To keep your breasts looking young, there is nothing like a well-fitting bra.
  2. To avoid the appearance of wrinkles on the neckline, it is better to sleep on your back.
  3. Invest in silk sheets! It is generally accepted that they leave less of a mark on the skin.
  4. Moisturise your skin well to avoid the appearance of small brown spots and also to prevent the skin from sagging.
  5. Massage! Here the partner (or partneress!) can be involved! This improves the circulation of fluids and fats.

In conclusion, all breasts are beautiful! Provided you like them of course…

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