How to choose your lingerie according to your morphology?

How to choose your lingerie according to your morphology?

Choosing your lingerie according to your morphology is the best way to highlight your assets and hide small imperfections. What determines your morphology? Stand in front of a mirror and look at your shoulders, hips, and waist.


Highlight your chest to rebalance your figure.


Your shoulders are discreet, your waist thin and your hips generous. With its delicate curves, this A-line silhouette is particularly feminine and very common among women. It is here with your lingerie to highlight your chest to rebalance your silhouette.

Push-up bras are great for you to flatter your bust size. You can also play with materials. The lace and pretty embroidery will reinforce the dressing of your upper body. The bandeau shape is also particularly suitable because it creates a straight line under the chest and thus highlights it.

We advise you for the lower body to choose indented cuts. The tanga and the thong are your best allies. They will bring out your feminine curves.

Accentuate your curves by emphasizing your hips.


Your hips are slimmer than your shoulders. They sculpt your main asset: a slimmer waist. For this sporty silhouette, the main objective is to emphasize the feminine curves and accentuate the hips.

Embody Lingerie recommends a triangle bra for the upper body. This shape will accentuate your neckline and will be a real seductive ally.

For the bottoms, we recommend the shorty. It widens your hips and creating a horizontal line.

Mark your size well and dare to wear bodysuits and other pieces of lingerie.

Your shoulders are as wide as your hips and your waist is not very pronounced. Thus, you highlight a balanced silhouette. In this case, your lingerie will aim in this case to mark your size well.

Underwear like bodysuits are perfect for you. You can also use and abuse corsets for guaranteed glamorous results. For a more everyday top, we recommend triangle or half cup bras.

Quant au bas, misez tous les tailles hautes : la silhouette Pin-Up est à vous !

Highlight your ultra-feminine assets and erase your small flaws.

Your shoulders, your waist and your hips are all in generous curves. Your silhouette gives an impression of softness and sensuality. The usefulness of your underwear is to accentuate your ultra-feminine curves and smooth out your small imperfections.

With a more generous chest, you can bet on a covering bra that will flatter your chest and ensure perfect support. Embody Lingerie recommends that you avoid spaghetti straps or push-up bras as they can cause discomfort.

For the bottom, choose high-waisted panties and sheath effects. They will hide your belly while sculpting your buttocks.

Choose according to your mood.

Your shoulders and hips are aligned and your waist is defined. For many, you are very lucky! We confirm it to you, because everything is done for you! You can afford anything, so make the most of it.

With bras in all shapes to flatter you, no bottom can be avoided. You are therefore in the best position to try new things. Choose from triangle, basque, full cup, underwire or push-up bras. Among the thongs, shorties and high-waisted panties, let your imagination run wild and choose according to your mood.

It is very important to choose your lingerie according to your morphology, because it is the starting point of your style. If you stick to our tips above, you’ll accentuate your assets and your clothes will fit perfectly. By feeling beautiful and fit, your day will be more pleasant.

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