How to choose a bra after breast surgery?

How to choose a bra after breast surgery?

Why do you need to wear a post-surgery bra after breast surgery?

Breast augmentations vary depending on the shape, size and style of breast you want. The majority of people who undergo surgery do so for cosmetic rather than medical reasons.

But your breasts can be damaged if you wear the wrong bras, so don’t switch to regular lingerie immediately after your operation, as it may be too tight and underwired, which can put pressure on your implants and cause them to move or slip.

For this reason, your surgeon will advise you against wearing your usual bras and will instead direct you to Embody Lingerie post-op.

After breast surgery, your breasts are usually tender and swollen until you are fully recovered. A comfortable Embody post-surgical undergarment will help you heal quickly and easily.

In addition, they are designed to be worn day and night, allowing you to sleep without worrying about movement as the support is optimal.

When can you start wearing conventional bras again after breast surgery?

Once your swelling has gone down, you can return to your regular bras. Swelling usually lasts for 6 weeks after surgery, but this period can vary for each individual as the body reacts differently to the healing process.

Embody Lingerie has drawn on its medical expertise to bring you a new line for your everyday life. Combining comfort and style, this line is designed to enhance the cleavage of all women, with or without implants!

How to choose the right bra size after surgery?

Many women think they are wearing the right bra size, but many make a mistake after breast surgery. In order to know your correct size, it is necessary to have your breasts measured by professionals. You can go to the Embody Lingerie boutiques in Paris 76, Avenue Paul Doumer or Nantes 20, rue Mercoeur. Our consultants will be delighted to advise you in our cosy spaces.

Your bra must be comfortable and stay in place when you stretch your arm, if you notice that it lifts quite easily it is not the right size. Your breasts have changed, you need to change your lingerie.

Tips for choosing your post-operative bra:


  • Ask your surgeon for advice, as he or she may have trial bras. Do not hesitate to try a breast prosthesis with the medical bra, the surgeon will be able to advise you on your future cup size.
  • Check your current size, measure your bust size, wrap the tape around your bust, passing it under the cups, this is your bust size. Then do the same for the widest part of your bust, where the ribbon will pass your nipples. This is called a cup size.
  • Choose real medical bras, they have several levels of adjustment, which allow you to modulate the compression of the breast, like those from Embody Lingerie. Our bras are made of very specific high-tech materials, prevent breast mobility, facilitate healing and reduce pain. The effective support also reduces swelling and fluid retention around the implant and chest wall. They maintain correct positioning of the implants. After breast surgery (reduction, augmentation, lift) or mastectomy, support bras with a front closure are highly recommended for convenient donning. Embody has patented a very easy to fasten front closure system. This makes it easier to move around and ensures your comfort after surgery. Embody also offers bra holders that can be positioned over the bra to adjust the support.
  • Choosing a breast bra is useful for positioning the implants after surgery. It is highly recommended after a breast augmentation. You can choose between simple and back contenders. The bra holder is the perfect ally for your post-operative bra during the healing phase! Our Embody Lingerie breast support allows you to apply support to the top of your breasts in order to maintain the correct positioning of your prostheses. It is an independent elastic band that is placed over the bra, on the top of the breasts and closed at the front with the easy-clip fasteners.
  • A support bra that will make you happy, it’s possible! Embody’s designer chooses and works with exceptional French materials with the aim of comfort and refinement. She combines Calais lace, silk and embroidery with innovative technical fabrics, creating a unique style that gives an unequalled sensation when worn. This is underwear that you can still use after the post-operative period.
  • Make sure that your post-operative bra is easily washable, as it will be put on directly after the operation or the next day after removing the compression bandage, in both cases lymphatic discharge or blood can stain your bra. The bra must be easily washable and quick drying. Embody bras can be washed by hand or machine without spinning at 30°.
  • Consider buying two bras, as you will often have to wash them, which will be more convenient for you.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to buy a post-operative bra, so that you don’t run into stock problems!
  • If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact customer service for more information. The Embody Lingerie advisors will be happy to answer you on: 02 28 43 10 65.
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