Generous breasts: how to choose the right lingerie?

Generous breasts: how to choose the right lingerie?

Having large breasts is not always an advantage as most women might imagine. Some women often have a complex about their small breasts, but it also happens that women with larger breasts have a complex too! And for good reason, it is sometimes difficult for a woman to find the right underwear that is supportive, comfortable and shows off her cleavage.


So, what lingerie should you choose with a large bust?

When you have a large bust, it is essential to choose the right lingerie. A bra that is well adapted to your figure will allow you to feel comfortable in your clothes, to have a correct fit, and thus to avoid back pain.



Well-chosen lingerie that conforms to the size and shape of the breasts will help to ensure good support and thus balance and reshape the female figure.

For a large bust, you should opt for bras:

  • Underwired: Underwires are an asset for the support of your breasts (but it is not the only solution!). This shape allows your breasts to be well supported without being compressed.



  • Interlocking (without underwiring): The interlocking bra enhances and supports your breasts for a natural and comfortable effect. It envelops your breasts and keeps them high. This shape adapts to all your looks.




  • Basque shape (without underwire): The basque bra offers a very aesthetic fit and great comfort. Without underwires, it gives a second skin impression while giving your décolletage an incomparable touch of elegance and enhancement.



  • Triangle shape (without underwire): With the triangle bra, we adopt the comfort and naturalness of the rendering. A perfect complement to a delicate and sensual look, this shape beautifully dresses up all your cleavage for a natural curve.




1. Choose bras with wide straps for comfort.

2. Choose bras with a wide band under the breasts for better support.

3. Choose 2 or more clips in the back to avoid back pain.

4. Choose interlocking shapes that cover your breasts.


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