What are the most common plastic surgery procedures performed by men?

What are the most common plastic surgery procedures performed by men?

Men’s expectations of cosmetic surgery are very different from those of women.

Today’s society attaches great importance to appearance: it is imperative to look young and fit. As a result, more and more men are using plastic surgery.

Men’s goals are varied: to have a more harmonious nose, a rejuvenated face or a thinner waist. The operations performed to achieve these objectives must take into account the peculiarities of men’s bodies such as the thickness of the skin, the growth of the beard or the morphology.


Cosmetic surgery most in demand by men


Liposuction is one of the most practiced cosmetic procedures in the world. It is therefore not surprising that it is also at the top of the list for men. This does not mean that men and women undergo the same type of liposuction or seek the same results. They do not want to be thin, they seek to get a well-defined body, increase and strengthen their muscle mass.

To meet the desires of the male clientele, many surgeons use body remodeling techniques with liposuction. We call this technique lipo-sculpting, we don’t just remove fat, we do it in order to improve or create muscle contours.

Liposculpture or fat grafting to increase muscle mass, are techniques that become the norm in male liposuction. After liposuction even in men, it is mandatory to wear a restraining underwear during recovery.

Liposuction can also be performed on:

Thighs, Hips and buttocks, Abdomen and height, The arms, The back, Inside the knee, The chest, Cheeks, chin and neck, Calves and ankles.



Gynecomastia or reduction of the male chest is one of the most common aesthetic procedures in men. Gynecomastia is the medical term for an enlarged or feminized breast in men. Surgery usually involves removing the tissue in combination with liposuction to redraw the area. After this, it is necessary to wear a restraint vest.


Some men consult a plastic surgeon with the following problem: «I look tired and I look old», but do not want a facelift. The solution is to do an eye lift. Most men first notice signs of aging around the eyes and usually complain of puffiness or excess skin around the eyelids that age their features.

Eye lifts are performed on the upper or lower eyelids (often both) and remove excess skin to reduce wrinkles and give the eye contour a smoother, younger appearance. These interventions are popular with men because they are relatively simple and offer great results. Another interesting point for men, the work stoppage following these operations is short.

The popularity of this operation is also explained by the fact that its result is subtle.


Hair grafts

Hair transplants are increasingly popular with the male public. About two-thirds of men lose their hair before the age of 35. That number rises to 85% when they turn 50. The main culprit is androgenic alopecia (commonly known as male baldness). This problem can sometimes generate large complexes.

Technological advances have increased the number of procedures. Grafts work better and leave fewer scars than before.

The extraction of follicular unit is a technique that involves taking the fundamental unit of the hair (the follicle) from a dense area of the head, and then transplanting them into another area. Although the procedure takes time (on average six to eight hours), the success rate is high because the transplant comes from the patient’s body, so the risks of rejection are extremely low.

These new techniques are also very effective for facial and eyebrow hair.


Rhinoplasty is a popular and common surgery among men who resort to cosmetic surgery. Change can sometimes be dramatic in a single intervention.

Men do not have the same expectations as their female counterparts when it comes to rhinoplasty. In general, they want a more masculine and straight nose.

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