Comment connaître sa taille de soutien-gorge après une chirurgie mammaire ?

Comment connaître sa taille de soutien-gorge après une chirurgie mammaire ?

After performing breast surgery, many women are eager to be able to wear bras fitted to their new breasts. They are also looking for suitable post-operative lingerie, which benefits from a greater restraint and a firm hold. However, several aspects are to be known before purchasing lingerie after surgery.


What to know about wearing bras after breast implants :

After breast augmentation, surgeons give specific instructions to follow after the procedure and indicate the type of bra to wear. Most doctors recommend specific post-operative bras to reduce edema and prevent mobility of implants during the recovery period.

After breast surgery, it is not recommended to wear lingerie with traditional frames during the months following the surgery. This could have a negative impact on tissue resorption and acceptance of implants by your body.

Once the body has healed and the purchase of a new adapted lingerie is coming, it is important to know the new size of your chest.

Even if you’ve probably asked your surgeon for a particular size, the size of your implant and the size of your bra may be different. Implants can be wider and more curved than natural breasts, so it’s up to you to find the most flattering fit.


The bra after the postop :

Patients with implants can sometimes find it difficult to find a bra that fits their new figure.

The Embody Councils

The bust circumference: the size of your bust circumference determines the bra size. To determine your bust circumference, you simply need a tape measure placed under your chest.

Chest circumference: It is important to measure your chest after the post-operative period. Place the tape measure horizontally on the tip of your breasts, without tightening. Now that you know your cup size, you can start looking for the perfect bra.

How to know your bra size after breast surgery? Bra size guide

The shape of the bra: choosing the ideal shape is essential to get the neckline of your dreams. If you wear a bra that doesn’t fit your new chest, it could make your breasts less harmonious.

The brand: Not all lingerie brands provide the comfort and support needed after breast surgery. If you consider that the style of your bra is as important as its comfort, turn to specialized brands offering quality products.

Finding the ideal bra for breasts with implants requires knowing its size and finding THE brand that will accompany you every day. 

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