Why choose a bra without underwire?

Why choose a bra without underwire?

Trends & Fashion

For a long time, fashion dictates that women must wear compression bras. Such as the push-up, the balconnet and the corbeille, for example. But even though they create a beautiful curve and lift the breasts, this type of bra has ended up standardizing and denaturalizing our bodies.

When choosing between an underwired and a non-underwired bra, the decision usually centres on comfort and the desired function of the bra. Although personal preferences vary from style to style, underwire and wire-free bras are designed for different specific functions.

With the increase in popularity of athletic wear and bras over traditional bras, underwireless bras have made a comeback. They are available in all styles and perform just as well as the classic underwired bra.


Why choose a bra without underwire?

Bras without underwiring are the right alternative if :


  • You value comfort above all else in a bra.


  • You are looking for a more “natural” breast shape.


  • You have sensitive skin, are prone to rashes or irritation from underwired bras, or are allergic to the metals used.


  • You have a small bust and prefer a smaller or more discreet bra.


  • You have a large bust and are looking for a bra that is more comfortable, but offers good overall support.


  • You are breastfeeding or in the final stages of pregnancy, as a soft-cup bra will give you more comfort.


  • You are recovering from surgery or a breast injury, as soft cups are more forgiving of movement.


  • You are looking for the closest alternative to “No-bra”.


Absolute comfort

Unsurprisingly, the main reason women give for wearing an underwireless bra is comfort.

No woman wants a bra that digs into her ribs, and one of the best things about a bra without underwire is that it gives that feeling of flexibility and protection.

Underwires can be uncomfortable if the bra doesn’t fit properly (and even if it does) or at certain times of the month when you’re a little fuller than usual.

A bra without underwire will give you that feeling of freedom, looseness and unparalleled comfort.


A health benefit

Bras without underwire facilitate blood circulation and the proper drainage of lymphatic fluids. Tight or underwired bras can impede the circulation of lymphatic fluid.

The soft cups of this type of bra help the breasts to relax, facilitate drainage and help prevent breast lumps and possibly breast cancer.

Reinforcing a natural fit, non-wired bras are discreet, lightweight, and provide great comfort while enhancing shallow cup breasts.


For all women

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, yet underwires are not suitable for all breasts. Indeed, 90% of women have one breast larger than the other and underwires are often not suitable when the size of the breasts is different. Or if your breasts are large, underwired cups may not fit your body at all.

So there is a bra for every body type without underwire! It’s obvious that choosing lingerie can be a real hassle for a woman.

Today, lingerie brands also offer underwired bras dedicated to large cups and no longer only to small cups which may require less support.



It is no longer surprising that the underwired cup is outperforming and even outstripping the irreplaceable underwired lingerie, which is both restrictive and uncomfortable. Femininity is the key word and is further emphasised by thin straps and elegant laces.

For this reason, Embody has placed underwired models at the heart of its Dolce Vita collection, which respect even the most sensitive skin while combining our know-how to offer optimal support.

These non-underwired models include The triangle, the basque, or the covering.

Each of these different shapes offers optimal lateral support while preserving a beautiful décolleté. The wide underbust band and the reinforced side construction provide optimal comfort. In addition, the techniques of the cross neckline or the drop in the bra area give the Embody bra optimum support.

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