The secrets to fight against sagging breasts!

The secrets to fight against sagging breasts!

From the age of 30 onwards, breasts lose their firmness, change their shape and sometimes tend to sag, due to the law of gravity and the ageing of the skin. However, it is possible to preserve one’s breasts thanks to several valuable tips.

Regardless of the size of their breasts, women are concerned about the positioning of their breasts, their firmness, and many worry at the first signs of sagging.

Two events influence the aesthetics of the breast. Firstly, the law of gravity, breasts begin to fall due to their own weight. Secondly, the ageing of the skin causes the breasts to sag, also known as breast ptosis.

Indeed, the breasts are one of the essential assets of femininity and they are not spared by the age-related changes we face: wrinkles, sagging skin… They gradually lose their firmness, which leads to a gradual fall of the breast.

The process of sagging breasts starts quite early if the right actions are not taken. Although this phenomenon is likely to occur sooner or later, specialists in the field recommend exercises and techniques that delay the fall.


Some good habits to adopt before considering breast surgery:

1/5 – Support your breasts

The first tip is the most important. It is necessary to support your breasts on a daily basis with a suitable bra, whether during the day, at work or when playing sports. It is essential to use the right size lingerie. Don’t hesitate to choose bras that are resistant, made of solid materials and with adjustable straps.

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2/5 – Build up your pectoral muscles

Make a habit of building up your pectoral muscles under your chest, as these are the muscles that support your breasts. And for a nice shape, think of toning and strengthening the pectoral. Here are some examples of effective exercises:

– Do a series of push-ups every day,

– Regular backstroke at the pool,

– Practise yoga,

– Take two tennis balls and place them with your arms slightly bent in front of you, at chest height, and press them against each other.


3/5 – Maintain good body posture

Good body posture is very important for your back and breasts. Keep your back straight against the back of your chair when sitting and bend your legs when bending down for example. When walking, keep your shoulders and chest straight and avoid arching your back or having a hunchback.


4/5 – Massage your chest

Massaging your breasts helps to firm them, restore their elasticity and radiance and encourage blood circulation. To do this, use vegetable oil or cold water and make circular movements on your chest.


5/5 – Shower with cold water

Following the same logic as the previous tip, cold water is the best thing for your breasts. In fact, in addition to promoting blood circulation, cold water showers prevent your breasts from sagging. If you like hot showers, finish them off with a jet of cold water.

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