Liposuction: prices, techniques and details of the operation

Liposuction: prices, techniques and details of the operation

What is liposuction?

Liposuction (or liposuction) occurs when exercise or diets have not been able to overcome the embedded fat (often located in the thighs and buttocks in women, the belly or love handles in men). This common surgical procedure involves sucking fat from a specific area of the body to give it a more aesthetic shape by reducing its volume. It can thus reshape the body by effectively removing excess fat reserves concentrated on certain areas.

It can be done under general anaesthesia (when there are several areas to treat in particular) but it is common for a simple local anaesthesia to suffice with the new methods used. The latter avoids spending the night on the spot and reduces pain during recovery. The aesthetic operation usually lasts 1 to 3 hours.

It is now a well-mastered and frequent operation, however once the operation is performed do not be surprised to see some hematomas on the treated area. They will take several weeks to disappear and are inevitable. The pain is moderate and resembles strong aches for a few days (5-10 days) to disappear completely after several weeks.

During this period of recovery, suitable clothing should be worn. Your surgeon will definitely recommend a medical panty designed for liposuction that will protect the area operated, for at least 4 to 8 weeks.

Does liposuction effectively suppress cellulite?

This is a common mistake, but this surgery has only a moderate or no effect on cellulite. Simply because it is usually located on the superficial layers of the body while liposuction acts rather on the deep fat. In addition, if the skin is not sufficiently firm or elastic, the result will not be satisfactory and the orange skin effect characteristic of cellulite will remain.

If you suffer from fibrous or watery cellulite you will have to turn to other methods, however its effect against fat cellulite may be interesting in some cases, it is worth talking with your surgeon.

What to wear after liposuction?

Wearing a compression panty designed for this kind of aesthetic operation is particularly recommended if you have opted for a sutured-free liposuction so that fluids can be extracted without embarrassment. It ensures in all cases a better drainage of the blood and the remaining liquid, promotes shrinkage of the tissues, limits pain and swelling. It should be kept between 2 weeks and 1 month depending on the operation. The following article explains in detail what a panty is used for and how to choose it.

It is by finding that women felt some discomfort after liposuction and that the brands on the market offered products unsightly, uncomfortable, irritating, Embody has developed a range of comfortable and chic clothes to allow women to feel good after an operation.

What is the price of liposuction?

The fees charged can vary greatly from one surgeon to another, but most of the services are between 3000 and 10000 euros on average depending on the area and the country. The bill will of course be higher if the intervention is very substantial. In general, it is necessary to count from 1500 to 2000 euros for a treated area, around 3000 euros for two areas then count 500 euros more per additional area.

When do we see the final effects of this aesthetic operation?

The first few weeks of the surgery the area suffers from hematomas due to the small bleeding caused by the cannula during the procedure, and will also tend to swell in the first few months. Do not worry, it is normal that these edema persist for some time, it is in the natural order of things.

Resumption of work and daily activities is usually done within 48 hours with local anesthesia, but requires a longer time under general anesthesia. Sport is possible after a month. Local anaesthesia is also less painful. You can start to appreciate the results after 1 month and a half, get a much more precise idea of your figure after 3 months but the final result appears only from 6 months.

It is of course difficult to cover this topic in full in this article so if you have a testimony, a question or an experience on the subject leave us a comment to share with other readers!

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