How to enlarge your breasts without prostheses ?

How to enlarge your breasts without prostheses ?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in France. There are two types of plastic surgery to increase the volume of the breasts : augmentation with breast implants or lipofilling. Lipofilling makes it possible to obtain larger breasts with a natural and lasting effect, without implanting a foreign body. The operation consists of injecting fat taken from a part of the patient’s body and reinjecting it into the breast.



Why choose breast augmentation without implants ?

– When you want to gain moderate volume, between one and two cups
– If you prefer not to have foreign bodies
– To correct an asymmetry or a breast malformation
– To correct certain defects after a breast implant



The different stages of the operation

Breast lipofilling is performed under general anaesthesia in the operating theatre and lasts between 1h30 and 2 hours. This procedure is performed either on an outpatient basis, with an entry in the morning and an exit in the evening, or with a 24-hour hospital stay.

The first stage of this surgery consists of liposuction to remove the fat. This is then treated and purified in order to reinject it into the breast. On average, this technique makes it possible to reinject between 200 and 250g of fat cells per breast. An incision of only 2mm is necessary to reinject this fatty tissue. The sutures made for breast lipofilling are millimetric and hardly visible after healing. The result is definitive after a period of 3 to 6 months. The result obtained is very natural.



The advantages of breast lipofilling

The result of a breast augmentation by lipofilling is very natural and permanent. However, as the volume of the breasts evolves at the same rate as the rest of the woman’s body, it can change in the event of significant weight variations. Another advantage over implants is that there is no risk of rejection since the fat injected comes from the patient herself. In addition, there are no contraindications to breastfeeding after the procedure.



What is the price of a breast augmentation by fat injection ?

The price of an augmentation by lipofilling depends on the quantity of fat aspirated, the areas treated, the quantity of fat injected… Generally speaking, a breast augmentation is purely aesthetic, so the procedure is not covered, except when it is a reconstructive surgery. We therefore advise you to ask your surgeon for information.



The importance of wearing a support bra after the operation

After the operation, slight swelling and bruising may occur. In order to limit these and to ensure good healing, the wearing of a support bra is recommended for 2 to 4 weeks, day and night.

The Paris Embody bra is specifically designed for women who have had breast lipofilling. The moulded, seamless cups fit the breasts perfectly without compression or aggression, allowing the fat to take its place. A small reinforcement band under the breast supports the volume of the breast in order to maintain the distribution of the injected fat and prevent it from sinking. This support bra allows you to live your post-operative period in a more pleasant way, by combining comfort and femininity thanks to its lace which is delicately placed all along the neckline.

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