Which post-operative bra to choose after an operation?

Which post-operative bra to choose after an operation?

After each breast operation, such as the now common breast augmentation or reduction, it is essential to wear a post-operative bra. Quite simply a bra that benefits from greater compression than a classic underwear and which thus ensures firm support for the breasts. Quite simply ? Well, no, because most women who have had breast surgery will tell you that a large number of models are simply not suitable or comfortable.

However, during the period following the operation, this area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe body is particularly sensitive and deserves all the attention: it needs to be taken even more care of! So what are the features to check first to ensure that your compression bra will be suitable and of quality, what differentiates it from an ordinary bra?

What are the specificities of a good post-operative bra?

By simplifying, we can consider that a good post-surgical bra is a bra that will fulfill its medical role while being comfortable.

Above all, it must provide firm and effective restraint. This must be guaranteed but be done gently: with too pronounced a compressive effect you will be constantly hampered in your movements and will feel a feeling of crushing throughout the day. With a compression that is too tight this time, the breasts will not be sufficiently maintained and the final result may not meet your expectations, in addition to the risk of complications during recovery. Your choice must therefore be on a product that allows you to adjust the contention precisely.

The¬†support¬†must be perfect without excessive compression. You shouldn’t feel like you’re wearing a bra that’s too small because it’s too tight, your breathing is more difficult, it’s preventing you from sleeping or you just can’t wait to take it off. ! This is not normal, the breasts must be properly supported and held in place, but not excessively either.

Obviously after a cosmetic or surgical operation pain appears but the first week you should feel good and be able to go about your business almost normally.

It is essential that the seams are as flat as possible in order to avoid irritation and never placed at the level of the scars. Nothing is more unpleasant than feeling the fabric rubbing the skin with each movement, believe us! Reinforcements are also to be avoided. A quality compression bra should provide a second skin effect and should not become an ordeal due to poorly thought out pressure points. You will wear it regularly, so it is essential to feel good in it.

For obvious reasons, opening and closing should be very easy and done from the front. This will not only make the task of the medical staff easier during the surgery, but especially your daily life when you have to remove it to wash it or clean yourself. Various settings allow you to adjust the support or the height during the recovery period, and to adapt to different morphologies, also represent a big plus.

Since you will wear it day and night, the material used must also let the operated areas breathe while avoiding sweating as much as possible. Avoid rough materials in favor of elastane or its synthetic variant, Lycra.

For the same reason, it must provide a general feeling of comfort, which is too rarely the case: we are in the 21st century and quite capable of making compression bras that are pleasant to wear.

The post-cosmetic surgery period is always stressful, and that’s why every¬†Embody post-surgery bras¬†has been thought through and enhanced to make your life easier. At the same time, we thought that you also wanted to feel beautiful and particular attention was paid to aesthetics with the addition of Calais lace, embroidery and noble materials.

Why is it essential to wear a compression bra after breast surgery?

It is essential that the chest is perfectly maintained so that it does not move at all. Support not only¬†helps contain pain during the recovery period, but also promotes healing by keeping the chest in place. If it moves not only can it hurt you but above all the tissues will not be able to “resorb” properly: healing will take longer and the scars may be more visible at the end of the process.

It also keeps the implants in place even when you make various movements during the day: essential for the shape of your breasts to be flawless at the end of the post-operative period. In the same way, it limits the appearance of edema and swelling, which remain inevitable but can be contained with a suitable bra.

‚ÄúIn conclusion, the post-operative bra improves the final result, reduces pain while accelerating healing and leaving you more free to move. ¬Ľ

How long should the bra be worn after the operation?

This obviously depends on the operation and only your surgeon can recommend the necessary duration that best suits your case, however the recommended period is generally between 4 and 8 weeks after the surgery. This period can sometimes be extended by a few weeks with the wearing of the bra for part of the day (usually at night).

With the agreement of your doctor, you can, after this period, wear ordinary bras in the context of standard activities. On the other hand, it is advisable to put the postoperative bra back on as soon as you practice a more intense physical activity, especially if you practice a sport (the tissues are still fragile and it is advisable to be careful, this especially prevents the prostheses from moving and avoids possible small pains during the exercise).

In summary, what are the points to check to buy a quality post-operative bra?

A firm support of the breasts and an effective and adjustable contention are the main criteria to remember. However, this will not be enough to make you feel comfortable and it is better to opt for a model with adjustable straps to keep the chest straight and at its natural height, an easy front closure, a lightweight material that lets the body breathe, various adjustments that allow the bra to be adjusted during the post-operative period (for example the sliding closure in front, the breast band and the ties on the sides), flat seams and the absence of annoying pressure points, and of course a lasting feeling of comfort.

We are coming to the end of this first part of the dossier on post-operative bras, but it is not over! We answer all your other questions in the second part of the article: 10 tips on compression bras and breast surgery. Do you want to know what clothes you can wear with your new bra, what size to choose, the ideal position for sleeping, when you can return to work or sport? We tell you almost everything.

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