Cosmetic and restorative surgery : differences and advice

Cosmetic and restorative surgery : differences and advice

Plastic surgery includes both cosmetic and restorative surgery. While the former aims to make it more beautiful (to bring a comfort more psychological than medical, such as an increase of the chest or liposuction), the latter will rather be used to repair a defect or pathology (reconstruction of the breasts after a mastectomy, abdominoplasty.), we also speak of reconstructive surgery. Since it aims directly at improving the patient’s health, it will be easier for the Social Security.


Plastic surgery: is it painful?

During plastic surgery, the patient is under anesthesia, local or general (in most cases it will be a general anesthesia followed by several days of hospitalization). If your procedure is minor, you will only be anesthetized locally.

In both cases, the procedure is completely painless; the anesthesiologist is able to best assess the type of anaesthesia to give you according to your physical parameters and the pain potentially generated by the procedure.

Yeah, but after the surgery?

Anesthesia only during the time of the surgical procedure, it is not uncommon to see pain and discomfort appear afterwards. The patient is closely monitored by his surgeon the days following the operation and is subjected to painkillers, but the fact remains that hematomas and genes can persist, especially in the case of chest and buttock procedures.

As part of a chest increase or reduction, for example, the pain mainly manifests in the first days and fades after a week. They are usually localized in the scars and are often accompanied by increased sensitivity in the areola and nipple. It can be difficult to raise your arms for a period of time, especially during an axial operation.

After the first week, this sensation gives way to a feeling of discomfort that lasts from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the procedures.

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Cosmetic surgery also has a psychological impact

Cosmetic surgery aims to correct the external appearance of the body and erase the patient’s complexes.

Studies have shown that the morale of people who have undergone aesthetic intervention improves, thanks to increased self-esteem and seduction capital. Some have seen dramatic results in their social behaviour, morale, work motivation, love life or social relationships. In a general way an aesthetic operation brings the patient well-being and psychological comfort since it aims to suppress a complex that prevented him from fully developing.

However, we must not underestimate or embellish the psychological consequences of a cosmetic surgery because it irremediably transforms your body; that is why several consultations are planned before any intervention.

These consultations allow the surgeon to detail the different stages of the operation as well as the risks involved but also to assess the patient’s motivations and psychological background. Moreover, at the end of these consultations, a period of reflection is always imposed on the latter. The impact on everyday life can be significant: an intervention of this type must never be decided on a whim and it is important to understand that it is a more or less final decision.


How do you choose your plastic surgeon?

Before any consultation, be sure to check the reliability of your surgeon; he must be included in the list of practitioners recognized by the medical association.

It is also good to pay close attention to the surgeon’s word of mouth and reputation.

Beware of professionals with too low prices; do not lose sight of the fact that this is an important surgical procedure that will definitely transform you; it is better not to cut back on the price than to have bad surprises afterwards.

It must be borne in mind that it involves many costs, which are incompressible, hence the improbability of providing a qualitative service at low prices.

A good surgeon will be transparent about his fee schedule.

And don’t get upset if the surgeon can’t – or wants – to satisfy all your demands; honesty is often synonymous with professionalism. A good surgeon will always act in YOUR interest and not in his own; instead, he will advise you to have fewer, fewer and less expensive procedures if he considers it preferable.

Also, do not be surprised if the user asks you rather personal questions; he will need to collect a lot of personal data in order to evaluate the reliability of the intervention.

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