Can we continue to make love during the postoperative period?

Can we continue to make love during the postoperative period?

Physical activity is prohibited after any breast surgery, but this does not in any way prevent you from having sex with your spouse from the moment you feel the urge to do so. On the other hand, it is necessary to practice intercourse gently, being particularly careful for the first 3 weeks at least, taking care not to sore the breasts.

Thereafter, avoid touching the chest as much as possible by compressing it with the weight of your partner or strong caresses, especially if you are no longer wearing your post-operative bra. The chest is often very sensitive after the operation and simple touches are sometimes unpleasant.

During this time, focus on other parts of the body. Choose a comfortable position, ideally on your back. Stick to classic reports, especially at the very beginning.

It is up to you to be attentive to your body and to adapt the hugs by informing your partner if pain occurs. Do not hesitate to talk together during the act, guide his gestures and calm his ardor if necessary! Explain to your companion that he must be particularly gentle and considerate, or take things in hand even if it is more appreciable to let things go in these circumstances.

It is quite possible to resume pleasant sexual activity during the postoperative period as long as it is done gently. Some feel ready after a few days, others are not mentally well disposed or still have tender breasts and then wait a few weeks.

Keep your compression bra on during the act to keep the chest in place. Once you have removed it, the scars or oedemas can be unattractive and sometimes cause a blockage from a visual point of view, whether for you or your partner: in this case, do not hesitate to keep a babydoll or a t-shirt until they subside.

For these different reasons we are generally not very receptive to pleasure the first weeks following the operation of the chest since it is weakened, but just feeling our partner against us is pleasant.

Everything goes back to normal very quickly in a few weeks, with even often, in women who complex breasts that are too small or unattractive in their eyes, the desire and the pleasure are increased tenfold because of this change: feeling of being more feminine, desirable, sensual, regaining self-confidence. Without counting the look of the man who can be greedy compared to the novelty of the situation.

Anyway, whether after a week or a little later, you know that sex is possible after breast surgery as long as it is done gently.


Is there a loss of breast sensitivity after breast augmentation or breast reduction?

The first weeks the sensitivity of the chest is on the contrary exacerbated and a simple contact with the nipple can create excessive pain. Conversely, it is common to observe a loss of overall sensitivity in certain areas of the breast afterwards, such as a feeling of local numbness due to the trauma received by the nerve endings. When the surgeon inserts the prosthesis, it is not uncommon for nerves to be severed or damaged and cause this local and temporary loss of sensitivity. It is observed in particular at the level of the nipple and the areola (more frequent when there has been an incision of the areola, or in the lower region of the chest during submammary insertion of the prosthesis).

Don’t worry, this sensation is normal, however it is always important to inform your surgeon during the follow-up appointment. The sensitivity returns in the vast majority of cases to normal in the months that follow. The phenomenon can nevertheless persist for years in some women but only affects between 0.5% and 2% of cases according to surgeons. Exercises or treatment with vitamins can promote the return.

Don’t forget that nothing beats the opinion of your surgeon and, if we address here common questions about the post-operative period, each case remains specific with its own constraints and requirements. Here is what we can say on the subject and if you have any questions do not hesitate to send them to us or leave a comment.

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