Breast surgery and confidence !

Breast surgery and confidence !

Many events and parameters can affect your confidence in yourself. You know that you can very easily change your dress, hairstyle or makeup… However, you may be happy to know that some parts of your body can also be changed if you are not satisfied with their shape or size.

These include the breast. There are many reasons why a woman decides to use a breast augmentation! Some want to restore their breasts to the shape and volume they had before pregnancy and others want to correct a natural «deformity». Some just want a bigger chest! Nevertheless, the common point to all these women is the desire to feel more beautiful and to find a more harmonious body.

Whatever the reason, we often find that it is not only their physical appearance that changes with breast augmentation, but also their confidence!


Confidence and curve enhancement

Many Hollywood stars admit to having used plastic surgery to accentuate their curves. Breast augmentation is no longer considered a plastic surgery procedure that must be “kept secret”. On the contrary, many women feel ready, and need to change their appearance. By the way, according to Dr Kristi Hustak Breast implants are incredibly powerful, they can change your life, and I’m not being cavalier! I say that very strongly.”

Dr. Kristi Hustak is a plastic surgeon with degrees in Houston, Texas, where a large portion of her clientele is female. This surgeon directly sees the impact that breast augmentation can have on the self-esteem and confidence of her various patients. She says feeling better starts with fitting the fit of the clothes. “I think how you adjust your clothes has a big impact on how you feel.”

Hustak argues that for many of her patients, wanting a big chest is not the primary motivator, “It’s not about everyone wanting stripper breasts,” she says. “It’s about fitting your body to the clothes, just a little better.”

Improved body image

Researchers want to understand why there seems to be a link between breast implants and confidence. At the University of Florida, researchers interviewed 84 women before and after breast implants. The results showed a strong improvement in self-esteem after surgery. Indeed, 80% of women reported feeling more confident and attractive after undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Hustak was not surprised by the results.

“Your breasts are part of your femininity,” she shares. “I think it’s up to you, as a woman, to decide if it’s important to you.” It’s a very personal decision to have a breast augmentation, and not all women are the same.


A bolder approach

Many women see plastic surgery as a springboard for making changes in their lives; their careers, their fitness and even their love lives. This operation makes women more beautiful, desirable and feminine, which therefore gives them more confidence to undertake. For Dr Bruce Van Natta, a plastic surgeon who graduated in Indianapolis, one of the best times of his week is when he sees patients at the post-breast augmentation consultation.

They talk about their confidence and the clothes they dare to wear when before it was out of the question,” he shares. “A woman said that her husband thinks she walks around much more naked!” According to Mr. Van Natta, some women who experience a radical change after breast augmentation are often those who try to regain their figure before giving birth.

In plastic surgery, “internal rewards” are often overlooked. Whether it’s eyelid surgery, abdominal plasty, or breast augmentation, patients and surgeons know it’s not just a physical change. The brain also benefits from a range of benefits, including self-esteem, self-confidence and a new desire to sit a little more upright and live more fully. “They say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done,” says Van Natta.

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