Bra and breast surgery: 10 essential tips

Bra and breast surgery: 10 essential tips

A breast operation inevitably involves some constraints in the weeks that follow and even if your surgeon will follow you for several months, the questions jostle before and after the intervention.

Here are our tips and recommendations on the period following breast surgery and the compression bras that go with it.

How long after the operation can you go back to sleep on your side or on your stomach?

At the beginning you will have to sleep on your back, a position which is not natural for everyone unfortunately but you will not have the choice because the first weeks the chest is a little painful when you put pressure on it, and it is preferable to avoid compressing it excessively. The back is therefore the ideal position to promote healing and maintain the natural shape of the breasts. After 3-4 weeks, however, the breasts will soften and become less sensitive, you can begin to return to your usual sleeping position.

However, it is not recommended for certain types of operations to sleep on your stomach before¬†6 weeks. Little tip, when you are on your back, don’t hesitate to wedge a pillow under your kidneys the first nights to make it easier to fall asleep and when you fall on your side the following weeks, this time wedge the pillow under your breasts to limit the support of the mattress on the chest. You can also put yourself against a bolster, unfolded along the body, to turn you slightly but avoid turning you completely.

When can you return to work after breast surgery?

The first days after the operation are in most cases painful and it is difficult even to raise your arms to iron, cook or wash your hair. Rest is anyway prescribed by the doctor and it will take 7 to 10 days to return to work, even for a classic office position.

Some resume after 4 days but it seems a little premature especially since the first nights are often more difficult and the lack of sleep is felt. For the same reasons do not plan to take the car before 1 week or 10 days: it would not only be dangerous but also not recommended from a medical point of view.


Are there several models of post-operative bras?

Due to the medical constraints associated with this type of underwear, the styles of bras for breast surgery are of course more limited: there is no question of opting for a push-up, balconette or half cup bra which could harm to the natural placement of the breasts. It must necessarily be very enveloping, well maintained and devoid of reinforcements or potentially harmful reinforcements.

But out of the question to be satisfied with a ‚Äúpotato bag‚ÄĚ because it is particularly in this kind of circumstances that we like to feel elegant. Fortunately, there are now a¬†variety of models adapted to each style: modern and trendy, sporty, glamorous, sensual and refined, embroidered or adorned with fine lace… it’s up to you to choose your style.

What size compression bra should I choose?

It is your surgeon who will advise you on the most suitable size for your morphology. Be aware that when you give up the post-operative bra at the end of the convalescence period, your chest will always be a little more swollen and will lose volume slightly in the weeks that follow (the final size only stabilizes after 6 about months). I therefore advise you to wait a little longer before redoing your new wardrobe and not to rob the shops 1 month after the operation.¬†Underwires and push-ups¬†are also not recommended for the first few months, just be patient…

In case of breast augmentation here is a little guideline which is there for information only, but do not forget that each case is specific and that the opinion of your doctor takes precedence above all. For prostheses smaller than 250cc you normally increase by one cup, between 250 and 350cc it is a cup and a half or two additional cups that you should aim for. From 350 to 450cc you increase more by one size and two and a half cups, while above 450cc you probably reach two sizes and three cups. In the following article you will find many explanations on breast prostheses and the possible choices.

What material should be favored for a compression bra?

Anti-bacterial and breathable materials, which dry quickly, promote healing, and allow perspiration to escape. Elastane and Lycra fibres, made of synthetic elastane, are to be preferred for their qualities, which are particularly suitable for post-operative care.

How to maintain your bra to keep its compressive qualities?

You can wash it in the machine like an ordinary underwear and there are no special precautions to follow except, of course, to follow the instructions on the label. The best models benefit from quick drying thanks to the material used, which is the case of the Embody collection: very practical if you keep it in the shower or when you take it off for an hour to wash it.

It is recommended to wash your bra regularly, which poses no medical concern as long as you put it back on as soon as it is dry. The Embody collection has a detachable breast band which is also machine-safe and the magnets hold up well in the wash.

What clothes can you wear with this type of underwear?

Good news you can keep your current wardrobe during the post-operative period. One could imagine that loose clothes are to be preferred in this kind of situation but not even, you will be able to keep your usual style: sweater, t-shirt, sweater, blouse, there are no restrictions from the moment the garment you wear does not crush the chest. And even consider a first neckline if you feel like it.

Can you do sports after an aesthetic or restorative breast operation?

Any physical exercise is prohibited during the postoperative period until your surgeon has given you permission (generally at least 1 month) so as not to move the prostheses and promote healing. Consequently, do not plan to resume a sports activity several weeks after the surgery and, even after this time, it will be preferable to keep a very good sports bra during exercise, or, better, your bra for breast surgery.

In addition, it is generally strongly discouraged to practice a sport that puts too much strain on the pectorals during the 3 months following the operation, in particular if you benefit from a breast augmentation with a prosthesis placed behind the muscle.

If you want to stay in shape, favor gentle activities such as walking or cycling for example (at a very moderate pace), abs or leg work but avoid running, horse riding, golf, tennis, dancing , football, combat sports…


Can your post-operative bra be reimbursed by social security?

The prostheses or the operation can be partially covered in certain cases such as breast cancer or to reduce a breast that is too large, but compression bras are not. In the context of cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, do not expect any reimbursement, nevertheless some mutuals may accept it, so do not hesitate to inquire with yours to check whether this is the case or not.

Can you fly after breast surgery?

Yes, contrary to what we can sometimes read, the pressure variation does not pose a problem even if you have been fitted with a prosthesis. That said, it is preferable to stay on site for several days, available to the surgeon, in the event of any postoperative complications.

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