All about the different shapes and sizes of breasts !

All about the different shapes and sizes of breasts !

We all have different breasts! Their shape and size vary greatly from one woman to another… Fortunately, there are methods to improve their shape and change their size: either to make them bigger or smaller!

The different types of breasts

Each person has a different breast shape and size. It should be noted that the following classifications of breast shapes are purely aesthetic and not based on any medical science. It is up to you to find your own!

– Round – Breasts are uniformly full, both at the top and bottom of the chest

– East-West – Left and right breasts are spread out, away from the centre of the chest. The nipples often point in opposite directions.

– Sideways – The shape is similar to the East-West shape, with a wider space between the breasts. The nipples do not necessarily point in opposite directions.

– Bell-shaped – The breasts are round with very smooth lines. The lower parts are slightly wider than the upper parts.

– Narrow – The breasts are thin and the nipples point downwards. The lower parts of the breasts are larger than the upper parts. The breasts are longer than they are wide.

– Asymmetrical – One breast is significantly larger than the other.

– Pear-shaped – The breasts are large, full at the bottom and thinner at the top.


Do your breasts change in size over time?

Your genetics determine the shape and size of your breasts. However, they can change due to (or because of!) various events such as pregnancy or breastfeeding, but also intensive sports or large weight fluctuations.

Some women experience significant changes in size at certain times of the menstrual cycle.

Sometimes the shape of the breasts can even be related to sexual excitement.

Certain medications can also cause the breasts to swell. Some people experience this when taking birth control pills.

And if you have asymmetrical breasts, don’t panic! This is normal! Nobody’s body is perfectly symmetrical. So it’s not surprising that left and right breasts can vary in size, shape, volume and location.

In 2006, the British scientific journal Breast Cancer Research published a report stating that only one in 504 women had symmetrical breasts.

Experts at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, USA, found that the left breast is larger than the right in 62% of cases.

In some people, the difference is not striking, while in others, one breast may be a cup size larger than the other.

In general, this is normal, especially in teenagers whose bodies are still developing.

If one breast has suddenly become much larger than the other, it may be wise to consult a health professional to rule out any serious problems.


What happens to the breasts after weight loss?

Many women find that after a strict diet and intensive exercise, not only do their thighs and buttocks not become thinner, but their breasts become noticeably smaller.

The explanation is simple: when the body is in a calorie deficit (i.e. it burns more calories than it takes in), it uses its fat reserves proportionally.

The breasts contain not only glandular tissue, but also connective and fatty tissue, and are therefore affected when the body starts to burn its fat stores.

The ratio between the tissues is genetically determined. In people with a lot of fat, the breasts shrink faster than in people with less fat.

When you work out, strengthening the chest muscles can give the breasts a fuller appearance.

To maintain elasticity and prevent sagging, experts advise not to lose weight too quickly, to eat healthy foods and to include green leafy vegetables and lean protein in your diet.


Can exercise change your breasts?

The breasts contain glandular, connective and fatty tissue. The breast is not a muscular organ.

The shape and size of the breasts are determined by the amount of fat and its distribution, but can also be affected by exercise.

Push-ups and weight training exercises that work the pectoral muscles strengthen the breasts, which can make them rise and appear larger.

Pull-ups, squats and variations of the plank strengthen the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle, improving posture and naturally pushing the breasts forward.

A low-nutrient diet and fat-burning exercises such as running, aerobics and swimming can have the effect of reducing breast size.




  1. Buy a quality bra! To keep your breasts looking young, there is nothing like a well-fitting bra.
  2. To avoid the appearance of wrinkles on the neckline, it is better to sleep on your back.
  3. Invest in silk sheets! It is generally accepted that they leave less of a mark on the skin.
  4. Moisturise your skin well to avoid the appearance of small brown spots and also to prevent the skin from sagging.
  5. Massage! Here the partner (or partneress!) can be involved! This improves the circulation of fluids and fats.

In conclusion, all breasts are beautiful! Provided you like them of course…

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